Elxir has:

A solid knowledge of the envelop systems from the most current to the most elaborated

An expertise on materials, in particular on glass product and their transformation technologies

A research activity with many innovations for facade and light product developpment


Some references are projects where Philippe Bompas participated as studies’ manager at ASI and RFR sas.


Salon Révélation 2015 Grand Palais Paris / Conception Elxir – Wao – Aeb

Fig: Detailed view / Mold being assembled and with glass out of the oven (Images courtesy of Aeb)

for more information consult  the post Capiton 3 on “insight about light and glass .com”

capiton 2

capiton 1

Entry sas of the Notre Dame Saint Castor Cathédral of Nîmes / 2017

Conception Elxir – Jacques Raynaud – Atelier Emmanuel Barrois

Laminated glass with gold leaf graphism in fabrication by AEB

C light / 2015-2018

Conception Philippe Bompas– Jacques Raynaud  + Luca Bargagli / RD Elxir

Photometric simulation / prototype / samples

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Memorial of the abolition of slavery / Nantes / 2012

Architect- Artist: Krzysztof Wodiczko –Julian Bonder/RFR sas

Large glass sculpture, composed of tri laminated decorative composition

P Bompas: Project Manager: design, construction details, tender process ( 2005-2012)

 Photo and simulation by Eclat Digital 2014

for more information about the photometric simulations

Paralax 1

Architect @work Paris 2016 – Conception Elxir – Jacques Raynaud – réalisation Aeb

Fig: views at different angles showing the dynamic variation of the pattern