Some references are projects where Philippe Bompas participated as studies’ manager at ASI and RFR sas.

Sky is no limit

Useless Window Serie by P Bompas | textured glass – Vertical sky | 2019


Salon Révélation 2015 Grand Palais Paris / Conception Elxir – Wao – Aeb

Fig: Detailed view / Mold being assembled and with glass out of the oven (Images courtesy of Aeb)

for more information consult  the post Capiton 3 on “insight about light and glass .com”

capiton 2

capiton 1

Entry sas of the Notre Dame Saint Castor Cathédral of Nîmes / 2017

Conception Elxir – Jacques Raynaud – Atelier Emmanuel Barrois

Laminated glass with gold leaf graphism in fabrication by AEB

Memorial of the abolition of slavery / Nantes / 2012

Architect- Artist: Krzysztof Wodiczko –Julian Bonder/RFR sas

Large glass sculpture, composed of tri laminated decorative composition

P Bompas: Project Manager: design, construction details, tender process ( 2005-2012)

 Photo and simulation by Eclat Digital 2014

for more information about the photometric simulations

Paralax 1

Architect @work Paris 2016 – Conception Elxir – Jacques Raynaud – réalisation Aeb

Fig: views at different angles showing the dynamic variation of the pattern