Since 2016, coupled with a solid experience in the field of envelope design, Elxir offers an ad hoc service of high end visualization

A Scientific approach to visualization

Unlike other rendering solutions, the proposed technology is based on a scientific approach based on the most recent advances in the field. It uses a polarized full spectral illumination algorithm. The materials and light sources are characterized for the most part by measurements done by specialized laboratories. The light/material interactions are carried out while retaining all the information that may have an impact on the colors of the final product.

Virtual prototyping and MORE

The advantage of this technology is not only to increase the possibilities of testing materials uses tenfold and thus to calibrate their color, light interaction ..ect as finely as possible before the production of a physical prototype. A better visualization of the project at each stage of it development is also a powerful catalyst for innovative design.

Case Studies

Since most of our missions are still under  NDA,  we present below some case studies showing some generic example. For more detailed and project based information, please contact us.

We worked recently on Universal Studio Burbank Headquarter – Gehry partner , Abu dabhi Guggenheim Museum – Gehry partner,  Pudong contemporary Museum AJN, Loesch Auditorium Luxembourg Sanaa, Schenzen Bay Museum MAD – RFR Shanghai , la Maison Lvmh | ATP museum refurbishment – Gehry partner , Keiko Towers Paris Sefri – Anima Loci





Depandency on light conditions | Solar Coating | Imperfections


Reflective + Anti-Reflective Coating | Design though optics


White enamel | Graphic | Calibration | Sky dependency


White enamel | Density Calibration | Veil effect | White / black enamel | Interior perception


Fly by | White enamel face 1 | continuous aspect


Textured Glass | Printed Casted Machined Glass | Volumic modeling


Colored glass |  Louvers | Dichroic Coating


Vertical Fin | Alternate Solution | Glass rods | Solar protection | glass finish | anodized Aluminium


Glass rod | clear Satin Frost finish | Anodized aluminium