Fly by | continuous aspect

This case study shows a practical use of the photometric simulation.

The intent is to create a continuous white plan , monolitic and mat using a 30% density enamel deposition face 1 on the main facade.

Fig A | Reference configuration | solar coating only |

The overhanghing areas look very different  than the typical area due to very different light condition. (Fig B)

The purpose of the study was to provide some ideas to keep as much as possible the continuity of aspect, simulated them (Fig C) and helped to calibrate the physical prototype.

Fig B | 30% white enamel Face 1 + solar coating |

Fig C | final composition | aspect continuity | Overhanging Area

The material caracterisation (glass subtract, coatings) are based on spectral measured datas of some specific products. For more informations about these products and the final compositions, please contact us.