Some of the references presented herein are projects on which Philippe Bompas has participated as project manager at ASI and RFR sas.

CCL | 2016-

Architectural Caustic light – natural lighting system – Photometric simulation | calibration test

Architectural caustics producing some images /2012-2013 / ELXIR/LGG

Paper: June 2013 :M.Pauly, M. Eigensatz, P.Bompas, F. Rist, R. Krenmuller, Controlling Caustics, Glass Processing days Tempere Finland 2013, page 213, Proceedings.

September 2012: T. Kiser, M. Eigensatz, M. M. Nguyen, P. Bompas M. Pauly , Architectural Caustics —Controlling Light with Geometry, Advances In Architectural Geometry 2012 Springer Wien New York , page77, Proceedings AAG 2012.

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C light / 2015-2018

Conception Philippe Bompas– Jacques Raynaud  + Luca Bargagli / RD Elxir

Simulations Photométriques / Prototype / Echantillon

pour plus d’informations   ccl-02  /   ccl-01

Light Shading systems R§D /2013

Paper :October 2013 :C. Jiang, J. Wang, P. Bompas, H. Pottmann, and J. Wallner. Freeform shading and lighting systems from planar quads. In C. Gengnagel, A. Kilian, J. Nembrini, and F. Scheurer, editors, Rethinking Prototyping – Proc. Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2013, pages 335-346

January 2013 J. Wang, C. Jiang, P. Bompas, J. Wallner, and H. Pottmann. Discrete line congruences for shading and lighting. Computer Graphics Forum 32/5 (2013), pages 53-62, Proc. Symposium Geometry Processing.

for more information see the post on “insight about light and glass .com”

“Into the Horizon” Installation at the Louis Vuitton Foundation/ Paris / 2014

Artist: Olafur Eliasson Studio / RFR TESS

P.Bompas: Project manager for RFR sas/ TESS.

Optical display composed of 43 columns, reflecting and emitting light.

Fig: View of column,/ a blown yellow glass cylinder by Lamberts/ Mosaic Mock up (images Courtesy of AEB) / Reflection test.

High discretisation principle using a voxel box / ELXIR/EVOLUTE/ 2014

Paper : September 2014: M.Huard, M.Eigensatz, P.Bompas, Planar Panelization with Extreme Repetition Advances In Architectural Geometry 2014.

For more information see the post on  “insight about light and glass .com”

“Water roof” concept model Venice CA 1995 P. Bompas

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Shading system / P Bompas, N. Leduc, L.Bargagli / M. Pauly EPFL Lausanne

 View of the physical and digital model.

Reference Frei Otto grid shell Munich