Elxir is fundamentally attached to the notion of being an « inventor »

“Innovating” it is going beyond the idea, to get real.

This confrontation to reality is a process that one needs to master and reinvent with each project.

Elxir brings you

Its experience with managing innovative project.

Potential partnering for the development of new projects.

Access to a network of experts in materials, geometry and digital sciences.


Some references are projects where Philippe Bompas participated as studies’ manager at ASI and RFR sas.

Dullwich College / Burma / 2015

Tangram Architect / RFR

Double skin façade acting as a shading system, fully made of Bamboo

P. Bompas: Technical adviser: oversee development of the bamboo technology, definition of testing procedure, production of the prototype execution plans.

Fig: connection details, Photo of the prototype

European research program IAPP / 2008 – 2012

involving TU WIEN, EVOLUTE and RFR

P. Bompas: Senior Researcher: responsible of Task 10 of work package 5 and work package 7

Realization of the bulbous bow of the ship with D Strip , with fully developable strips

Organization of Symposium: Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012 at the Pompidou center.

“Proscenium” at the Louis Vuitton Foundation / Paris / 2014

Gehry Partner /RFR TESS

Acoustical sliding front stage door, complex geometry, fully casted aluminium

P.Bompas : Project manager (2013 -2014)

Fig: inspection of the plaster mold / aluminium font pouring.

Predicting Transparency

Paper in collaboration with E. Sandre Chardonnal, founder of Eclat Digital Research and developer of Ocean,

October 2014: E.Sandre-Chardonnal, P.Bompas, Predicting Transparency Proceedings of engineered transparency – Glasstech

for more information see the post on “insight about light and glass .com”

also the case study CS02

Parliament Chamber, Luxembourg 2004 -2009

Architect: A+E / RFR

Structural Glass footbridge with curved wood/ aluminum walkway / glass roof with photovoltaic sunscreen

P. Bompas : Project Manager : Construction details, tender process and site supervision

Fig: section of the extrusion which assembled constitutes the footbridge/ First test of air flow.

Butterfly Vivarium Museum of Natural History / New York Usa / 1999 – …

Architects: Perkins Eastman / ASI

Dismountable prefabricated vivarium, planified for 3 years, it is still in use in 2018

P. Bompas: project manager: Construction details / fabrication drawing

 Fig: Principles Sketch drawings