Elxir  provides an assistance for the design of complex building envelopp

Clarify technical and constructive challenges

extend the range of materials and envelop systems  to consider

with regards to the cost, aesthetical and architectural goals .

Establish efficient principles of geometry with some robust constructive solutions

Detail interfaces with other trades.


Certaines des références sont des projets auxquels Philippe Bompas a participé en tant que responsable d’étude à ASI et RFR sas.

Fondation Louis Vuitton / Paris / 2014

 Gehry Partners Architects / RFR TESS

Iceberg Envelop : Ductal panel cladding

P. Bompas : Project manager Iceberg

October 2013 : S. Aubry, P. Bompas, B. Vaudeville , D. Corvez , T. Lagrange, P. Mazzacane, and A. Brizou, A UHPFRC Cladding challenge-The Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Création, RILEM-fib-AFGC Int.

Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete,UHPFRC 2013, page 37, Proceedings.

Umbrella glass canopy/ Culver City / Usa / 2000

Eric Owen Moss Architect / ASI

fully Free form glass Canopy of non repetitive laminated glass panel design

P. Bompas: project manager: Construction details, fabrication drawing, site supervision, erection.

Prices: Los Angeles Business Council Design Award in 2000 + the AIA/LA Design Honor Award in 1999.

Fig: view of the mold / Fixing details/ plus de photos

More information about Thermo formed glass  “beyond transparency”“Capiton3 – Eddies”  blog:  insights about light and glass

One North Wacker Tower / Chicago / Usa / 2000

Architects: Murphy/Jahn + Schlaich/Bergaman / Advanced Structure Incorporated

Lobby glass wall cable net with Amiran glass

P. Bompas: Project manager for ASI: Construction details to fabrication

Fig: Detail view / Dynamic Wind load test.

For more information about AR glass ,  “Disapearance of glass”   blog : “insights about light and glass”

Museum of Lace of Calais / France / 2008

Architect: Moatti -Riviere / RFR sas

Double curved glass facade, double skin with non repetitive enamel frit pattern

P. Bompas: Project Manager for RFR sas: Design – construction details, tender process, follow Atex Procedure and site supervision (2003-2008)

Fig: Detail view of the “big bubble” / section and curvature analysis


For more information : article CSTB  , voir “Capiton3 Eddies”  blog : “insights about light and glass”

Fondation Louis Vuitton / Paris / 2014

Gehry Partners Architects / RFR TESS

Iceberg Envelop : Ductal panel cladding over aluminium shell and structural oversized prefabricated panel

P. Bompas: Project manager Iceberg / Maintenance / Synthesis of the envelopes for RFR sas/TESS: from concept design to delivery (2006-2014)

Fig: Erection of a macro panel of the functional skin of the Iceberg/ Extract of a Plan of the connection of tripod through a macro panel.

Extension of SeaTac airport / Seattle / 2003

 Fentress Bradburn Architects / ASI

Double curved glass wall cable net

P. Bompas: Project manager for ASI for the design and Construction details

Fig: Connection detail of the cablenet on the main structure.