Certaines des références sont des projets auxquels Philippe Bompas a participé en tant que responsable d’étude à ASI et RFR sas.

Various Projects

Gehry Partners  | AJN | Snohetta


sound deflector | Fairfaced concrete window | Glass louvers | 2017 | Glass brick detail principe | 2017

Structure / envelope interface detail | 2014 | Brick cladding system | 2017 |planter integration in a double skin | 2018 |

 Slope vegetalize edge detail | waterproofing principle | gutter | 2016|

Fondation Louis Vuitton / Paris / 2014

 Gehry Partners Architects / RFR TESS | Iceberg Envelop : Ductal panel cladding | P. Bompas : Project manager Iceberg

October 2013 : S. Aubry, P. Bompas, B. Vaudeville , D. Corvez , T. Lagrange, P. Mazzacane, and A. Brizou, A UHPFRC Cladding challenge-The Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Création, RILEM-fib-AFGC Int.

Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete,UHPFRC 2013, page 37, Proceedings.

Umbrella glass canopy/ Culver City / Usa / 2000

E.O. Moss Architect / ASI | P. Bompas: project manager: Construction details, fabrication drawing, site supervision, erection.

Fully free form glass Canopy of non repetitive laminated glass panel design

Prices: Los Angeles Business Council Design Award in 2000 + the AIA/LA Design Honor Award in 1999.

Fig: view of the mold / Fixing details

More information about Thermo formed glass  “beyond transparency”“Capiton3 – Eddies”  blog:  insights about light and glass

Museum of Lace of Calais / France / 2008

Architect: Moatti -Riviere / RFR sas

Double curved glass facade, double skin with non repetitive enamel frit pattern

P. Bompas: Project Manager for RFR sas: Design – construction details, tender process, follow Atex Procedure and site supervision (2003-2008)

Fig: Detail view of the “big bubble” / section and curvature analysis


For more information : article CSTB  , voir “Capiton3 Eddies”  blog : “insights about light and glass”

Fondation Louis Vuitton / Paris / 2014

Gehry Partners Architects / RFR TESS

Iceberg Envelop : Ductal panel cladding over aluminium shell and structural oversized prefabricated panel

P. Bompas: Project manager Iceberg / Maintenance / Synthesis of the envelopes for RFR sas/TESS: from concept design to delivery (2006-2014)

Fig: Erection of a macro panel of the functional skin of the Iceberg/ Extract of a Plan of the connection of tripod through a macro panel.