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Sci-fi Glass


SF directors have already long understood how to use artificial lighting, in unusual and unnatural ways, to place their movies in a futuristic realm, slightly abnormal, at the edge of reality. As Frank Lloyd Wright who, “ […] p [...]

Sci-fi Glass2018-03-07T23:38:03+02:00



The windows of the medieval castle were limited by the glass size production of the time but there were also reduced to serve as defensive windows, the ultimate one being is the archer window, a vertical scar, wide of few cent [...]




A building “envelop” is, before all, an interface between inside and outside. It acts as a protection from the natural elements. Usually, the more it protects, the less it lets your senses perceive the outside, except for the [...]


Curved gems


In a previous post “crystalline architecture”, we considered the symbolic of the gem in the use of glass in architecture and the raised attraction of the reflective properties of glass as a key part of the design at least as m [...]

Curved gems2017-06-05T12:19:07+02:00

Capiton 2


Capiton 2 is the continuation of the work started in Capiton 1. With Minh Man Nguyen assisted by Ludovic Haensen, we decided to pursue the research in a more systematic way. This time we wanted to address the question of scal [...]

Capiton 22017-03-09T11:39:44+02:00

Capiton 1


A quick survey of realized “formed glass” projects shows a wide range of scale of deformation. Depending of the amplitude, the perception of and through the glass varies quite of lot; not only the appearance but also what I c [...]

Capiton 12017-03-09T11:41:28+02:00

Lighting grid


Shading in buildings has become an unavoidable topic. On one side, light is needed and looked for and buildings tend to be as open as possible, meaning as transparent. On the other side using too much glass implies some potent [...]

Lighting grid2017-03-09T11:42:52+02:00

Death ray


In 212 BC during the siege of Syracuse, Archimedes is known to have constructed a “burning glass” to set the Roman warships afire. An array of reflective surfaces (mirror or reflective  shield) was orientated toward one focal [...]

Death ray2017-03-09T11:43:02+02:00



Gigantic, borderless, inflated, oversized, when dealing with space in Science Fiction movies, it is difficult not to flirt with the notion of infinity or astronomical scales … Science Fiction movies don’t like to play small. [...]