Glass rod | Clear Satin Frost finish | Anodized aluminium

This study is pursuing CS08. The outisde metal vertical louvers are replaced by some glass rod spaced in random manner. They act as a sun protection. The study considers clear, satin and frosted finish.

Fig A | Glass rod | Satin finish

Fig D | Anodized alumium tube | blue sky

Fig F | Frosted glass rod | variable density

Fig B | Glass rod | Satin + frosted finish

Fig E | Anodized alumium | Scattered sky

Fig G | Frosted + clear glass rod

Fig C | + Anodized aluminium tubes

The aims is to create a light diffusing veil.Then, the glass rod were replaced by some anodized aluminium tubes. The results shows that the appearance is very similar while more efficient as sun protection, safer and less expansive.

The anodized aluminium stands out even much better with a cloudy sky capturing the light variation in a more subtil way than clear glass but even with a frosted or satin finish

Fig H | Frosted + satin glass rod

Fig I | Frosted glass rod | Anodized aluminium tube

Fig I | Clear glass rod