Colored glass |  Louvers | Dichroic Coating

This study shows different ways of modeling “colored” glass.

The glass  was part of some more elaborate composition also combining some coatings in a laminated glass. The different composition were applied on some horizontal louvers.

Fig A | External view of the louver set up

Fig C | Internal view | color projection

Fig B | Internal view | color projection

Fig D | Internal view | color projection | Translucent curtain down

The first aims was to find some compositions that would bring up some very bright color for inner and outer view points.

The second aims was to have not only some colored light on the ground as a typical tinted glass as seen in a church but also some projected colored light on the ceiling , if possible with varying colors during the course day.

This is an on going study with many output, this article is just an introduction to the wide subject.