White enamel | Graphic | Calibration | Sky dependency

Applying some enamel on glass is a relatively common way to create some durable graphic. It can also participate to the solar protection even if it require a relatively large covering areas.

Fig A | Grid dot pattern | white | blue sky

Fig C | Grid dot pattern | various density

Fig  E | White | 30% density | various dot sizes

Fig B  | Line and random dot pattern | Blue sky

Fig D | Grid dot pattern | various density

Fig F | Black | 30% density | various distances

The simulations are used to calibrate the graphic, its appearance at various distances, inside and outside, under various light conditions and in relation with adjacent materials. | the density in relation to the solar factor |the size of the graphic elements (dots, lines, squares..) | the color of the frit , or the frame, the ceiling , edge of slab …ect

Each of the parameters which compose a graphic design may affect not only its appearance on the building but also it will affect the users experience of the glass composition. What is the level of see through transparency ? When does the eyes fusion occurs ? How to remove a veil effect ? How to access the moiré effect or self moiré effect ? How to avoid or design with Moiré effect ?

Fig G | Line pattern | white | Blue sky

Fig H | Line pattern | white | Cloudy sky

Fig I | Line pattern | white | Scattered sky