Reflective + Anti-Reflective Coating | Design though optics

Anti-reflective coating is a very exiting product which can reduce to reflection to 1 % ,enhancing greatly the transparency.

Fig A | Reference case | low iron only

Fig C | AR + Reflective coating | the central pane

Fig E | random graphic AR + Reflective coating

Fig B | Low iron + AR coating | Central pane

Fig D | inside view transparency

Fig F | inside view transparency

Anti-Reflection coating on glass (AR) is used for store front or for museum display, but one could imagine to use a reflective coating to boost the reflection in some areas, while keeping it at 1 % with AR glass in others. Since glass is mostly perceived through its reflection, the highly reflective areas will stand out in contrast with the low reflection area.

From inside the transparency will be only slightly affected with a faint darker area where the reflective coating was applied.

Using a mask to apply the coating, any kind of graphic can be considered and therefore logos or random texture as on Fig G and H…very visible from the outside barely noticeable from inside.