Dependency on light conditions | Solar Coating  | Imperfections

The perception of glass is very dependent on the light conditions. The photometric simulation’s accurate feedback enables to consider many weather conditions.

Fig H | Reflective coating | “unflat” glass

Fig I | Reflective coating | “unflat” glass | view 30 m

Fig J  | Reflective coating | “unflat” glass | 30 m Zoom

Fig K | Reflective coating | “flat” glass

Fig M | Outerpane textured glass | coarsed texture

Fig L | Reflective coating | “unflat” glass

Fig N | Outerpane textured glass | Fine texture

In the digital world, the surfaces are perfectly flat. As for dirt, it is possible to introduce some imperfections to consider the “unflatness” of glass. Low with annealed glass, it can be much more visible with tempered glass (rollerwave.) even more visible with reflective coating .

A step further leads us to simulate textured glass, enabling a fine calibration of the level of transparency (see through).

Fig O | Outerpane textured glass | Coarsed texture

Fig P | Outerpane textured glass | Fine texture

Fig Q