UW_VII rand | RD 4
BOMPAS | 2019
Large scale screen concept using some borosilicate bars | Random repartition | Calibration study through photometric simulations and parametric 3D model | Timelapse Animation (Summer Paris location)

DEM I Lightscape | PLF 05 06 07 | RD-C
BOMPAS | 2018
Video : ASS A Atamian
Model 1/10 | various lighting tests | Video of a timelapse showing transition of color

GRC 01 | RD-B Textuform 2008- 2017
Concept of roof using glass blocks | 2008 | photometric simulation | animation 2020 |  (averaged sun position )

C light | RD-A | CCL | 2015-2018
Conception P Bompas– J Raynaud + L Bargagli / RD Elxir
Photometric simulation | samples + prototype    ccl-02  /   ccl-01

Architectural caustics | 2012-2013 | ELXIR/LGG
June 2013 :M.Pauly and al, Controlling Caustics, GPD 2013 Proceedings.
September 2012: T. Kiser and al , Architectural Caustics-Controlling Light with Geometry, AAG 2012 Springer Wien New York Proceedings AAG 2012. More informations

Light Shading systems  | 2013
Oct 2013: C.Jiang, and al. Freeform shading and lighting systems from planar quads.Rethinking Prototyping- Proc. DMS Berlin 2013
Jan 2013 J.Wang and al. Discrete line congruences for shading and lighting. CGF SGProcessing.more  “insight about light and glass .com”

“Water roof” Timescape serie |  Venice CA
BOMPAS | 1995
This concept of water roof was developed with a large scale model in 1995. It has been built since by many Architects or used in movie sets | more “philippebompas.com”

Light is at the heart of Elxir’s approach

Natural light most often but not exclusively

A light that is not just a source of illumination or of glare to be quantified, tamed and controlled a sensitive and poetic light considered rather as a great means of architectural expression

With its expertise in materials, their means of transformation, and capacities of representation, precise analysis and quantification using photometric simulation, Elxir continues its research work to discover new natural lighting devices which in turn its consulting practice

This exploratory work, coupled with the participation to the writing of several, allowed Elxit to develop a unique approach

Thus, Elxir offers both analysis services and assistance in the design of non-standard or non-standard light spaces