UW_VIII progress | RD4 |
| BOMPAS | 2019
large scale screen concept twith  borosilicate bars
Principle and calibration studies | photometric simulations | parametric modeling

 UW_V | Sky is not limit | RD4 |
Useless windows serie | BOMPAS | 2018
The glass has a custom design pattern  which  acts as analog display of the sky above
Calibration + resolution  |  parametric design | photometric simulation

Salon Révélations | Grand Palais
BOMPAS | 2011 – 2015 |
Fabrication: AEB | 2015 |Thermoformed glass | Moiré effect | parametric calibration
Video (sample Images AEB)
capiton 2  capiton 1

 Notre Dame St Castor | Nîmes | 2016
Concept | J. Raynaud – Bompas | random pattern generation | calibration
Graphic algorythm, execution plan by J. Raynaud
Laminated glass | gold leaf | fabrication + project by AEB (Images AEB)

Paralax 1 | A @W | 2016
Concept | J. Raynaud – Bompas | random pattern generation | calibration
Graphic algorythm, execution plan by J. Raynaud
Fabrication by AEB (images samples AEB)

Predicting Transparency
Paper with E. Sandre Chardonnal, Eclat Digital Research
October 2014: E.Sandre-Chardonnal, P.Bompas, Predicting Transparency – Glasstech
see the post on “insight about light and glass .com”

Memorial of the abolition of slavery | Nantes | 2012
Architect-Artist: K. Wodiczko-J. Bonder | RFR sas
Large glass sculpture
Photo and simulation by Eclat Digital 2014
More  about the photometric simulations

 Expression and materiality

Elxir is first and foremost committed to finding technical solutions that respect the architectural intent and are economically viable.But we also continually seek to discover new forms of architectural expression and new materialities

With the aim of going beyond the basic application of a regulation or standards, or to elude technology (although it is often pushed) to make room for a renewed awareness of our environment, nature, time.

We work pragmatically, from materials, their physical and optical behavior, from the ways to shape or transform them but also by questioning the multiple ways of assembling .

Collaboration and network of skills

This type of development is only possible through a collaborative approach, by listening to our partners and their expertises and know-how.

With a network of specialized companies, artisans, university and private researchers, Elxir offers the opportunity to develop unique projects with you, like some of the projects presented here by.

Photometric simulation as a creative tool

Since 2014, Elxir has relied on photometric simulation technology that is not widely used in the building and architectural fields.This technology puts the visualization of a project within the realm of engineering. Created by and for engineers, it is used not only to simulate and predict very faithfully the appearance of a material or a project, with the constant possibility of measuring the results. (illumination, energy, colorimetry …)This technology becomes also a very powerful tool of creation and development placed in the hands of creators, architects and designers.

For more information see the “photometry” menu where we present several “case studies””