Building envelop consulting

Vanke Housing | Beijing
AJN architect | RFR shanghai
Sound deflector | Double Skin principle |2017


Qindao Museum
AJN architect | RFR shanghai
Fairfaced concrete window | Glass brick detail principle | 2017

Fondation Louis Vuitton | Paris
Gehry Partners |RFR TESS
Structure / envelope interface detail | 2014


Annecy Conference center
Slope vegetalized roof edge detail | waterproofing principle | 2016

Fondation Louis Vuitton | Paris
Gehry Partners | RFR TESS
S.Aubry and al A UHPFRC Cladding challenge-The Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Création, RILEM-fib-AFGC Int. UHPFRC 2013 Proceedings.

Fondation Louis Vuitton | Paris
Gehry | RFR TESS
P.Bompas:Project manager Iceberg-Maintenance-Synthesis for RFR sas/TESS: from concept design to delivery (2006-2014)Prefabricated macro panel erection| 2014

“Into the Horizon”
Fondation Louis Vuitton | Paris
Artist: Olafur Eliasson Studio | RFR TESS
P. Bompas: Project manager for RFR sas
Optical display composed of 43 columns | Mock up (images Courtesy of Derix + AEB)| 2014

Museum of Lace of Calais | France
Architect: Moatti-Riviere | RFR sas
P.Bompas:Design-construction details-Atex Procedure-site supervision (2003-2008) Double curved glass facade  with non repetitive enamel frit pattern | 2008
more : article CSTB

Umbrella glass canopy | Culver City | USA
E.O. Moss Architect | ASI
P.Bompas:Construction-fabrication drawing-site supervision.
Free form glass canopy of non repetitive glass panel
LA Business Council Design Award in 2000 + the AIA/LA Design Honor Award in 1999.

Using detailed sketches, Elxir help you early in the design process to define some robust principles,  useful orders of magnitude .

Elxir has extensive knowledgeyof a wide range of materials and enclosure systems, as well as their manufacturing and processing methods (especially for complex double curvature surfaces)

Elxir offers “material and technologies” reports which include references of projects and specialized companies, comparative analyzes, taking into account the economic realities of the project

Glass in all its forms

Among all the materials, glass has a privileged place in our practice, coated glasses, reflective, anti-reflective, dichoic, enamelled, sandblasted, acid etched, thermoformed, molded, printed, blown, flat, cylindrical or spherical, curved, free form, plate, block, bricks, tile, bar, extruded profils …

Clients and Partners

Since its creation, Elxir has had the opportunity to participate in many projects, through direct assistance missions (Gehry partner, Snohetta, Kim Sooja Studio, RDAI, AAPP, Outsign, Galerie Lafayette, LVMH, B. Zavattini Light Consulting, ItsOk, Anima loci, Sefri ) or as a subcontractor for other partner or company design offices (RFR Shanghai, TESS, Petit, VCF, Vicat)

Some of the references presented are projects in which Philippe Bompas participated as study manager at ASI and RFR sas before creating Elxir.